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Vampire Squid (Cirrate Octopod).
The vampire squid, cuttlefish species. Further out in the list. (Vampyroteuthis infernalis), which means "vampire squid from hell" in the genus vampire T. II. (Vampyroteuthis) two times the factor, with a good vampire. (Vampyroteuthidae) It's a Buffalo News. The column column Moscow Academy. Squid species live in deep water is a feature of 300-3000 meters. With blue eyes. Reddish-brown skin. The membrane around the legs like a skirt-like fins above the eyes and ears just like dumbo octopus. It also has a body made of light blue. This makes it difficult to see enemies.

Squid, piglet (Piglet Squid). Piglet squid is a common that Deep Sea Cranchid Squid is a small squid. Special crane helicopters in the genus. (Helicocranchia) It's a Buffalo News (Cephalopoda) columnist for The Dallas Morning Academy (Phylum Mollusca), scientists expect that the piglet squid. Special crane helicopters genus of about 14 species but only three known species in the species pfefferi piglet squid. Deep as 4,000 meters beneath the sea, it is unique. Look like a cartoon-like antennae on the head straight to me. Unlike other species of squid and fin-like blade at the end of the body.

Ford Focus Information Technology (Siphonophore). Simon Ford is a marine phono columns in the Knight de Maria (cnidaria) Hydro Class Hours (Hydrozoa), it is a relative of the jellyfish. It is characterized by its non-marine, but there is a single colony (colony), or other sea animals. In the same species living together in it. And rely on each other as to protect the colony from the attacks of the enemy. The combined attack prey much larger than the example of living together in a colony are the ants and bees visit phono Fort known as the "Portuguese man - of - war", which is often mistaken for. jellyfish

Dumbo octopus (Dumbo Octopus). Squid Dubbo is a squid species to grow two-way and site content PA Stauroteuthis syrte one of two species of G in Los Angeles County Online T. (stauroteuth) genus in the family in New York two times. The (Stauroteuthidae) It's a Buffalo News. Lumberton Fire Academy Moscow now it looks like a bell. Feature a large blister, or shoot at the tentacles or arms. Which produce light and sound like a fin. Above the eyes.