Spotted handfish Brachionichthyidae

Handfish Brachionichthyidae the family, a group that includes five genera and fourteen species present. The benthic marine fish are in the way they carry themselves walking on the sea floor rather unusual swimming.

Distribution hand Fishes are found today in the coastal waters of southern Australia and Tasmania. This is the most diverse of the few marine fish families that are endemic to the Australian.

Fish anatomy hand, small fish grows up to 15 centimeters (5.9 inches) long, with skin denticles (tooth-like scales) are covered, giving them the alternative name of warty angler. They are slow moving fish to "go" and not to swim by, they prefer to move changed their pectoral fins on the seabed. This highly modified fins have the appearance of hands, hence its scientific name, from Latin bracchium means "poor" and Greek Ichthys means "fish".

Like other anglerfish, they have a Illicium, a modified dorsal fin ray of the mouth, but it is short and does not seem to be used as fishing bait [dubious - discuss]. The second to the third thoracic spine is connected by a flap of skin, so that a comb.