Clownfish : Anemonefish

Beautiful life under the sea Clownfish (English: Clownfish, Anemonefish) are small bone fish that live in the sea. Placed in the family. Amphiprioninae. Salid rock fish in the family. (Pomacentridae) that live in the coral reefs around the world at the equator. Living with flowers. The colorful fish. Generally consist of red, orange, yellow and black with a white stripe across the middle of the body 1-3 However, despite the same type. It has always been a little different. The difference this makes me even as the different habitats with varying results. Clownfish live together as a family. Eat plankton as food. The fish are running the place. There are areas of their own.

Clownfish is divided into 2 genera Amphiprion and Premnas which is only one category.

Clownfish can produce eggs and sex. Clownfish can change gender roles and the environment.
The first phase began after the hatching of the eggs are still unable to determine whether a particular gender. Until then, it appears to be an adult male gonads. In the same model with the largest fish is a fish to change sex. The cartoon fish in a particular group will have only one female fish. The largest crowd. Colors are very bright. Aggressive behavior. The fish are smaller than males. Colorful than the male fish with stimuli from outside and within the fast lane only complete wave (Telenephalon) sends a signal to do in Las Vegas (Thalamus) and hypochlorite were in Las Vegas. (Hypothalamus) to send commands to the pituitary gland to secrete hormones, particularly the males. The organ. To develop and operate the testes to produce sperm. Large private. In contrast to most developed. President Thomas hypochlorite in a statement to the pituitary gland to secrete hormones, particularly the females. Target organs are the ovaries produce eggs and female die. Clownfish are the largest male. The strongest. Is replaced by the mechanism of sex change within 4 weeks after the increase in size rapidly. With fewer colors.

The study found that Clownfish have a class system within the herd. The head of the herd. The largest female fish. And descending to the smallest. They also found that. Although clownfish are born, how much further away from the origin. When growing up, or the spawning season. The traffic flow will return to spawn at the same origin. By sniffing the smell of the plants from the area. This fish has a specific odor recognition