Beautiful life under the sea Harlequin shrimp

Beautiful life under the sea Harlequin shrimp Harlequin shrimp Hymenocera picta, commonly known as the harlequin shrimp, is a species of saltwater shrimp found at coral reefs in the tropical Indian and Pacific oceans. It is usually considered the only species in the genus Hymenocera, but some split it into two species: H. picta from the central and east Pacific where the spots are deep pinkish-purple with a yellow edge, and H. elegans from the Indian Ocean and west Pacific where the spots are more brownish and have a blue edge. They reach about 5 centimetres (2.0 in) in length, live in pairs and feed exclusively on starfish.

Harlequin shrimp is generally not difficult. For those who have knowledge of the beautiful sea animals. The adult will be able to eat easily. I must admit, difficult to breed shrimp cartoon Clownfish a lot. Because of the shrimp larvae nursery requires plankton species that can not be seen with the naked eye, phytoplankton and animal plankton that require different amounts. It also requires attention to detail are the hours upon hours. When the problem must be resolved immediately. The Clownfish are able to solve day to day. A young infant child care