Fish farming in the closet

Fish farming in the closet. The first priority of the beautiful fish, especially fish. D is the fourth in a field there are several types of filters commonly used, such as coral, shell fragments Bio balls Bio-ring to enter a resident of the bacterial decomposition of waste generated in the water. Design, materials often designed to be an area contact than usual. To create a live bacteria. And increase the amount of oxygen in the system. These filter materials are different, which I would like to describe as an option. Decision in choosing those who are interested in and start fish farming. Coral fragments.
Great feature of the coral fragments is very porous coral fragments should be put to put big numbers below. Then pursue a more detailed numbers. Utilization of this type of system in cabinet will be faster than other materials. But dust is a problem solved by using a glass fiber filter top Another problem is the use of bleaching chemicals. So before this material should be soaked in water beforehand.
Bio Ball.These materials are being created to replace coral Surface of the bio-ball is a lot of bacteria live well as with Pores of coral fragments. And bio-ball is lighter. Which is very convenient to use. Prices are cheaper than coral fragments. And as importantly illegal by
Bio-rings.This material is created which mimics coral fragments from a material that is close Specification. Especially pore is home to bacteria. But not widely used because of the price of bio-rings is very expensive. However, with high performance. I think bio-rings is a good choice other hand, shell, shell material is easy to find cheap. System within the cabinet to set the speed. Is another option I offline. The only cost less, but people love Water filtration system.Marine aquarium water filtration system is a key component in a closed system. In order to manage the waste of the four-d life. To water treatment systems are similar to conditions in most natural water by. Channel filter is designed to filter the material force of the water flow direction. Wed architectural structure of West St New models in the closet. Things that have said this is the most important fish in the sea in the closet. Another important and. Fish love, do not forget to love nature too offline.