Carpilius maculatus

Carpilius maculatus Distribution Indo-West Pacific: Cocos Islands to French Polynesia and Hawaii. Carpilius maculatus Short description Carapace ovate; dorsal surface very smooth and convex.
Carpilius maculatus Color: cream to pink ground color, with 9 large violet to maroon spots on dorsal surface of carapace: 3 on median region, 2 on posterior region, 2 on anterolateral region, and 2 around orbits. Biology Glossary (e.g. epibenthic) Collected extensively for food. Reported as poisonous but could not be confirmed by biochemical tests. Possibly becomes toxic for a short period after feeding on poisonous molluscs. Inhabits reefs. Benthic. Subtropical and tropical climates snails The body is an oval shape and of an orangish-light rust color. It has seven large dark reddish-maroon colored spots on its back. These spots can appear to look more of a dark brownish color at times. Its shell is extremely thick and heavy, but smooth and lacks spines